Guided walking tour, Mount Borradaile, Kakadu and Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo: James Fisher

Art, culture and heritage

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From ancient rock-art sites and Dreamtime stories, to contemporary galleries and outback charm, a trip to the Northern Territory is one big cultural experience.

Indigenous culture

Whether you're from Sydney or Sweden, an understanding of Australian culture requires an insight into the history and culture of its indigenous people. And with the largest Aboriginal population in the country, the NT is the perfect place to start.

Fundamental to Aboriginal culture and heritage is the concept of the Dreamtime, a sacred belief system that intertwines nature with a spiritual ancestry. See artworks and performances that share these beliefs through the traditional rituals of storytelling, dance, music and painting.

Join a cultural walking tour led by an indigenous guide, taking in everything from playing the didgeridoo to do-it-yourself dot paintings. Get hands-on experience and learn the traditional hunter-gatherer way of life, through bush tucker demonstrations and spear-throwing lessons.

If indigenous art's your thing, you'll be spoilt for choice here. From Alice Springs and Kakadu to Arnhem Land and Katherine, you'll find everything from ancient rock sites to modern galleries.

Old colonial boys

Explore the NT's more recent history and learn about the early days of the British settlers in one of the region's many local museums. From the Flying Doctor Service and the Overland Telegraph to Darwin's involvement in WWII, there are plenty of fascinating stories that make up the Territory's rich heritage.

Festival fever

Keep an eye on the calendar for festivals in the Northern Territory, which provide great insight into its rich arts, culture and heritage. See the best contemporary and indigenous Australia has to offer at the Darwin Festival, or opt for quirkier events like camel racing or an annual boat race in a dry river bed.

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